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Please complete the above form if you would like access to our online campaign training. Trainings are offered free of charge to any self -identifying Democrat running for office. Completion and submission of this form does not guarantee you will receive training, but you will be added to our email list. Trainings will be offered as our resources allow.


Free campaign training to Democrats running for office.



How many votes do you need to win? Where will they come from and how will you find them? We teach candidates how to build modern field plans focused on winning.



Raising money is a fact of life when running for office. We teach candidates how to build a budget, then craft and execute a finance plan to meet their goals.



What sets you apart from your opponent? We teach candidates how to create a compelling winning message targeted to the voters needed to win



Every campaign needs a plan to win. We help candidates learn how to stay focused on the goals that matters: Winning.

National Democratic Training Committee

Our Vision: Train Every Democrat and Progressive Running for Office