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Kate Wolfe works as an independent political consultant and as a legislative aide in the Nebraska Legislature. A Nebraska native and lifelong Democrat, Kate entered politics in late 2007 as a volunteer for the Obama for America campaign and the first Nebraska Caucus. As a result of her volunteer efforts, Kate moved on to work for the county and state democratic parties. Following that, she has worked consecutively for three state senators in the country's only unicameral legislature. Kate founded her consulting business, PolitiKate, Inc., in 2010, and has consulted on campaigns for legislature, mayor, state auditor, public defender, ballot initiatives, city council, natural resource districts, and governor. Her campaign consulting experience includes fundraising, candidate recruitment, messaging, campaign management, media relations, compliance, targeting, and more. Kate has four children: Bailey (24), Cody (20), Drew (19), Peyton (11); and an amazing partner in love and life, Mike.