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Dorien Paul Blythers is a DC-based millennial scoring winning results for campaigns seeking to connect with diverse and communities. His passion to eliminate the gap between underrepresented communities and mainstream social movements has propelled Dorien forward as an emerging leader on national issues. Dorien first cut his teeth in electoral politics as an Obama for America field organizer in 2012, where he managed community field operations in Palm Beach County, FL. Since then he has continued to build at the intersections of politics, social good and strategic outreach landing him opportunities with Transportation for America, Kamala Harris for Senate, the Democratic National Convention, Hillary for America - Florida, and most recently, Climate Action Campaign. Dorien is co-founder of The Black Coffee Group, a boutique campaign strategy group. He makes regular appearances on television and radio programs, addressing topics of politics and activism. Dorien Paul is an emerging and fresh voice tirelessly organizing at the intersection of electoral politics and social good.