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Brittny Baxter is a Political Organizer currently residing in Maryland. She is the Progressive Pipeline Coordinator for Maryland Working Families. In her current role, she is responsible for coordinating statewide trainings in partnership with Wellstone Action to prepare progressive Democrats, their campaign managers and grassroots organizers to run and win effective campaigns.  Brittny is from Buffalo NY, where she cut her teeth on local and state legislative races. She formerly worked for New York Working Families as the  Upstate Legislative Organizer, mobilizing and uniting labor, EJ, racial justice and community groups across the state on various bills. She has worked on many issue campaigns, from environmental justice and safe staffing to the Fight for $15 and reproductive rights.

A strong supporter of labor and a former AFT organizer for NYSUT, she is committed to the fight for equity for all. "I stand with the poor, people of color, LGBTQ folks, immigrants and organized labor, because our liberation is bound together."